Leroy Silas Jr.

Instructor Leroy Silas Jr.

Personal Trainer Bio

Leroy Silas Jr. was born and raised in Boston, MA. During his teenage years he started pursuing fitness and it quickly became a hobby that he couldn’t do without. As he grew in age, fitness became a passion and a way of releasing stress and to stay focus. He uses fitness as a vehicle to overcome any obstacles or challenges in life, and through personal training, he will help YOU do the same. He has over nine years of hands on experience in personal training, and his expertise includes extreme weight loss, helping you get leaner as well as toned, and building muscle definition. He is also an expert in diet and exercise programs to go along with athletic training. His greatest achievement was becoming a Pro Masters Bodybuilder in 2016.

Mission Statement

My purpose as a personal trainer is to improve, educate, and enhance the lives of all my clients through fitness. As your trainer, I will provide you with the highest level of customer service, the latest fitness and dietary coaching, and individual custom programs that will improve the quality of your life.

My goal and job is to push you, to motivate you, to get you out of your comfort zone to get you a result by making you fit and healthier.

Being fit is being healthy and being healthy adds so many values and energy to your life and to the loved ones. Don’t waste your time. Challenge yourself and take care of your most valued asset, which is YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LIFE!

Make exercise your priority and lifestyle!

It is your life.

Join me in the gym at Lamberts Fitness Center for Women, and online at #teamsilastraining.


With no doubt, Leroy Silas is the best personal trainer out there. I have been part of “Team Silas” since April 2016. Leroy has inspired, educated, motivated, challenged and pushes me to be confident on reaching my goals. He pushes me to limits in our routines, which are never the same. I look at Leroy as a genius in his field; he has taught me that weight loss is a combination of eating healthy and exercise properly. He is knowledgeable, competent and well informed on nutrition and techniques. He has given me a diet plan that has made a difference in my weight loss and resistance. I have lost 18 pounds since the beginning of my journey and I plan on continue to work with Leroy even after I reach my goal. I have worked with many trainers throughout my life but I can truly say that Leroy Silas is the most challenging, imaginative and inspiring trainer I have ever had!

Marleah Oruma